Dienstag, 30. April 2013

[Hauptgericht] Spanish Omelette

Today's choice of a recipe is a filling & healty spanish omelette with eggs, potatoes, chorizo and vegetables.
A former Au Pair from Spain came for a visit with her future mother in law and both cooked this lovely dish. As we are having hens on the farm, we always have loads of eggs. 
Last week, I tried to do it myself, and this is with what I came up with.
This recipe makes two large omelettes and about 16 slices.

You will need for 2 large omelettes:
makes 16 slices 

600g babypotatoes
12 medium eggs
90g Chorizo
1 large onion
90ml sunflower oil
1 large pepper
5-6 mushrooms
salt & pepper

to serve:
mixed lettuce
spring onions
balsamic vinegar

Cut the babypotatoes, mushrooms, pepper and onion  in fine slices. 
Cut the Chorizo sausage in small cubes.
Divide the potatoes in two bowls and mix with some salt and pepper. 
Heat the oil in a large frying pan and add one batch the potatoes, fry them for a few minutes on medium heat and add then half of the chorizo, mushrooms, pepper and onion. 
Fry until potatoes are cooked trough and begin to brown slightly.

Take the mixture out of the fat and fry the rest of the potatoes, the sausage and vegetables in the same way. 
Meanwhile take two bowls and crack 6 eggs in each. Mix with a fork.

Add the fried potatoe-veg-sausage-mixture and combine. 

After frying both batches of potatoes, remove the oil from the pan and put one egg-potatoe mixture into the empty frying pan. Cook on medium heat.
After about 30-60 seconds, turn the omelette with plate (put the plate onto the omelette turn the pan around, that the omelette will be on the plate, than put the omelette back into the pan, to cook the other side). 

Do this three to four times until the omelette is browned evenly and cooked trough.
Optional put the omelette under the grill and finish it this way.
Cook the other half of the mixture the same way.

Serve warm or cold, with a fresh mixed salad, dressed with a splash of balsamic vinegar.

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